How long have you been missionaries to Nicaragua?


What prompted you to become missionaries?


Where is (was) your home in the USA?


What's your family like and what do they think about you serving in Nicaragua?


What is the source of your financial support?


What is the annual budge for one year's missionary support in Nicaragua?


What do you miss most being in a developing country?


What can I do to offer support to your missionary efforts?


How often will you visit the United States?


How many churches or groups support you financially?


Are you available to speak at our church for special Mission Emphasis Programs?


How have you prepared for the mission field?


What was your and your spouse's line of work in the USA?


Do you look at mission work as a season in your life, or is it a lifetime commitment subject to the will of the Lord as time passes?


What would you most like me as a Layperson to know about your efforts in missions?


How effective are short-term missions to your efforts?


What would you change about the short-term mission trips sponsored by Stateside churches?